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Since 1993 HOMESTEAD VETERINARY CLINIC has provided good veterinary care at affordable cost for Oregon’s Willamette Valley area pets. It started CARING PAWS to provide rescue care for over 80 dogs and cats at a local humane society saving them from euthanasia. In 2006, the clinic’s mission evolved to include more “rescue practice” for animals lacking private owners with the creation of HOMESTEAD VETERINARY CLINIC THE LAST CHANCE CLUB (HVCLCC). HVCLCC provided no-to-low-cost veterinary services while private individuals sponsor an animal by covering the costs of medication, drugs and needed supplies for animals in a crisis or rescue situation. Together we were able to reduce veterinary care costs to usually 1/10 of “commercial clinic” costs. This now made medical and surgical rescue cases more realistic for rescues, County Shelters and Humane Societies.


It is a sad fact in today’s world that there are many abandoned, neglected and abused animals overwhelming private rescues, county animal control agencies or humane societies. Sadder still, is that these organizations are usually limited in funding and space to provide more than basic medical care for intake animals. Saddest, is that an animal with medical needs is usually killed because “it’s too expensive to treat them”.

HVC THE LAST CHANCE CLUB (HVCLCC) brings vet medical care to as many cases as possible by using “rescue supply costs” and donated free or low cost veterinary services. “RESCUE COSTS” are based on what it actually costs for drugs, vaccines, medical supplies without a large commercial mark up. With “bare bones” costs for medical supplies and covering basic facility operation coupled with free or low cost professional veterinary treatment and surgery, cases can be completed at a substantial savings. This means an animal can receive medical aid and have a LAST CHANCE to live instead of die.

HVCLCC has worked with many local rescues and agencies saving them thousands of dollars in vet expenses. Post-treatment, an animal is more adoptable and generates an adoption fee for the agency instead of a euthanasia and disposal expense. HVCLCC also helps some pet owners in vet care financial crisis whose pets face euthanasia because of lack of dollars for care and some long-term medical cases for maintenance.

THE LAST CHANCE CLUB's PURPOSE: to help as many animals as possible receive vet care, improve or manage health issues and have the option of adoption and life instead of death.

For years Homestead Veterinary Clinic Last Chance Club provided low-to-no cost medical and surgical care for rescue dogs in rescue organizations or by private parties. Last Chance Club has helped over 2400 dogs. Dr. Brooks and husband-turned-tech Dick were the driving force of this life's work.

In 2020, Dick's declining health escaladed and it looked like the 'dream' was going to end and then .................. a very special moment .............. in 2021, Sarah S., with her new rescue dog Kade and an extensive background in veterinary medicine, reached out asking if help is needed.

"No not just help but a miracle ...... " And with her help from that time, Dick's loss is more manageable and Last Chance Club still clings to the dream.

Sarah and I now sport matching scrubs complete with LCC logo courtesy of this amazing and dynamic ............. miracle worker.

My gratitude always, Sarah. The dream can continue for awhile.

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